Industrial Battery Chargers is Smart charging system, overload cutout on transformer and equalizing charge. Suitable for charging monoblocks and lead-acid traction batteries . It is a reliable and simple product in use. Manufactured in conformity with CE regulation.

  • Single-phase or three-phase battery chargers
  • High efficiency over 90%
  • Production in ITALY
  • 1 year warranty


TL Series

• Single phase charger 220/230/240VAC or 110VAC on request, Frequency 50-60HZ.

• WA profile for charging time 8-10h, 10-12h.

• Protection fuse on MAIN INPUT and DC OUTPUPT.

• Coated with Epoxy powder.

• Equipped with power cord and charging cable

STAR Series

• Three-phase input voltage 230/400VAC Frequency 50/60Hz.

• Output voltage 24/36/40/48/72/80/96VDC.

• Overload cutout on transformer.

• Rectifier bridge equipped with filter on line with EMC compatibility.

• Fuse protection on DC Output battery side.

• New electronic controller PBM 750 rev5 (SMD).

• Complete with mains and battery cables. Assembly of plugs and battery connector on request.

• Charging system with decreasing current (Wa), 8-10h, 9-12h charging time.

• Week-end charge: equalizing cycle with pulses of charge repeated every 48 hours to compensate the battery self discharge.


Electric Vehicles
Cleaning Machine
Materials Handling Industry